The virtual assistant for foreigners living in Italy

Delegate tasks, paperwork and bureaucracy with a simple text. Alfreedo will handle the rest.

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How does it work?

the chat

You are always a text away from delegating your problems.

Our chat-based approach is designed to waste none of your precious time.

the reminders

Alfreedo knows your deadlines and expiry dates better than you do.

We will gently remind you about them :)

the problem solving

We will take care of completing all the necessary steps, and only ping you when you are actually needed (for a signature for instance)

Add Alfreedo to your favourite messaging app

our vision

Italy is almost perfect

Except for the intricacy of its bureaucracy, admin, and paperwork which can seriously impact your quality of life.

Alfreedo wants to lift this weight from your shoulder.

Get back to living your dolce vita while we handle the rest


quick errands

from 10€

These are supposedly small chores that can still give you a headache, if you don't know your way through Italian red tape

  • Gas, electricity, internet provider change

  • Delivery & collection of documents

  • Postal operations

  • Booking your appointments

  • Locating lost packages

major challenges

from 30€

These are important assignments that need to be handled with care. Take a deep breath and let Alfreedo help you out.

  • Tax filings and consultancy

  • Green pass related problems

  • Codice fiscale application

  • Permesso di soggiorno assistance

  • Request for primary care physician

What you need is not on the list?

No worries, they were just examples. Text us and we will be at your service.

What is Alfreedo's secret sauce?


Using Alfreedo means having a dedicated personal assistant that lives in your phone. So convenient.


Italian bureaucracy is intricate, but our team of consultants knows the ins and outs of the system.


One of the worst feelings as an expat is not having someone who can advise you.

Think of Alfreedo as your team of local, friendly, problem solvers.

What our clients say

Let's start chatting

Some doubts? consult our FAQ

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Our team of experts is at maximum capacity right now, we will be in touch via email soon!

It looks like you aren't the only one who needs some help with italian bureaucracy


Are my data safe with Alfreedo?

Of course! The data are collected, registered, stored and used to the end of solving you problem and submitting accurate paperwork. In case deliveries were to be made your data will be transferred to the society that handles the shipping, just like you would.

Also, your data are processed in an automated fashion and are stored digitally. Lastly, we will never use any of the information and data you entrusted us with in targeting and profiling activities.

For more info see privacy policy

Who is the team behind Alfreedo?

Our team is great, you’ll love them. Alfreedo collaborates with all sorts of professionals that have the knowledge and the legal right to handle and consult on bureaucracy matters - accountants and lawyers for instance. This is important to ensure top notch problem solving for each problem that Alfreedo takes on. Across expertises, our collaborators share a natural passion for problem solving, and customer happiness.

What are Alfreedo’s working hours?

Alfreedo is always reachable via whatsapp or email, so whenever you have a problem you can delegate it immediately. However Alfreedo actively processes your requests in the least time possible from Monday to Friday, 9:30 - 18:30. In case you are already aware of specific deadlines please indicate it when you submit your request, so we can be even more speedy.


You can pay Alfreedo via PayPal, Satispay, or Bank Transfer. None of the date required by these payment services is visible to Alfreedo.

It is also important to note that, if Alfreedo needs to cover some fixed costs to handle your request (e.g. a fine amount, you will need to wire the money needed before we start handling the request. But don’t worry, we will tell you when that’s the case.